Posted by: Delisa C. | March 25, 2008


Yes, it is the sound of my screaming you hear. lol. I have already had it up to my eyeballs with hosting services and ecommerce sites and the lot. So still no new cool web store for me. I did find that was cool, but I don’t know if I can afford them right now.  Would it matter any way? Would you even come and buy my stuff? I’m getting some hits on, but not as much as I would like. I’m mean really what do you people want from me? lol. I have been creating some new pieces. I seem to keep reverting to the same style. I think I need to learn some new ways of doing things. Like, I should make this blog more business like and less my  I think the problem with me not finding customers is I haven’t found my niche.



  1. LOL! Great post! I know there are a lot of ecommerce products out there, but I have been very happy with Product Cart. You buy it once and put it on your server and it works. I can also sympathize with your tendency to revert to the same style of jewelry. I do that all the time, and haven’t been forcing myself to expand out. I have been thinking about lampwork but haven’t got up the courage yet to try it.

  2. The Creativity Coach in me says to you ” Be brave! Don’t worry about messing up some beads, those mistakes will make you a better bead maker!

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