Posted by: Delisa C. | December 10, 2008

This blog is moving!

This blog has moved to Please update your bookmarks!

Posted by: Delisa C. | November 12, 2008

Here are pics of the new jewelry pieces

I know all my big fans have just been dieing to see these!





I have more and I’ll post them when I get the pics.

Posted by: Delisa C. | November 11, 2008

New website, new jewelry, and stuff

As you know I have been working away on my jewelry website. It is coming along really nicely, I think.  You can see how things are going at I’m still working on adding a shopping cart. Until I get that done my jewelry will still be up for sale at I have been thinking about what biz name to use.  Should I go with just my name or Spiraling Elements Studio? I like having studio in the name. I do create more than just jewelry, but having everything under one umberella name may not be the right thing to do. HHHHHMMMMMMM.

I have been working on some new pieces of jewelry I will have the photo and everything posted when I get it all done.  I’m also going to be putting together some cool new steel wire pieces so keep your eyes out for those.

I just wanted to add in here that I think I’m in love. In love with Steampunk! I have always enjoyed it but lately I have become increasingly fastenated with it. I’m dying to get my hands on some supplies and make something steampunk-ish. I’m not really sure how it would come out with my wire work.  Isn’t it just torture when need to make some but don’t have the right stuff for the project? I’ll just have to try and be satified working on other things for now!

Posted by: Delisa C. | October 30, 2008

Website Update

I have been working away on my new website. I was hoping to be able to move this blog to my own host and use it as a selling platform. After pulling out all my hair, I have decided it isn’t worth the hassle. lol. I have started a website though.  I have put up my basic pages. The next step is figuring out what shopping cart to use and how to install it.  Right now the site send people to if they want to buy something.  It is a start anyways! lol. Check it out and tell my what you think.!

Posted by: Delisa C. | October 26, 2008

trying out my own host again.

I am testing out a new host. I buiding a new blog/website at I’m doing this because I really would like to sell my jewelry from my own site. It is a bummer that wordpress doesn’t let you sell from the free blogs! lol. I’m not really sure how this will work, but this blog will still be here just incase. lol.

Posted by: Delisa C. | October 14, 2008

Book reviews posted on my other blog

I just posted a review of Viki Lareau’s book on my other blog. If you haven’t already read Marketing and Selling your handmade Jewelry, you might want to check it out. Click Here!

Posted by: Delisa C. | October 9, 2008

Bringing Creativity Coaching and Jewelry making together!

I have decided that it would be a great idea to join my two passions together.  As a creativity coach I run workshops for clients. These workshop normally include projects to help people get thier creative juices flowing. It finally dawned on me that it would be very useful for clients to create their own bracelets because I enjoy teaching jewelry making. lol.  During the workshops everyone works on writing a positive affirmation. So I thought ” Hey, we should make Affirmation Bracelets!”   What a wonderful personal visual reminder of your affermation and your goals. If you are interested in learning more about my workshops and coaching services check out my website If you would like a personalized positive affirmation and bracelet created for you, just email me at

Posted by: Delisa C. | October 7, 2008

Support the economy!

This post is a letter from Muck-A-Luck Crafts urging everyone to support your local economy. I will be posting this on my other blogs also. I do have permission to post this.

YOU can help save our economy. How?

Pledge to buy only USA made items for Christmas.

Why buy “Made in China” when our economy is suffering? That makes you part of the problem. I know, it’s not easy to find “Made in USA” products. In fact, it’s downright impossible, right?

Nope. You can find quality, handmade USA products at competitive prices. How? Where?

Your local craft show!

It’s really a no-brainer.

· Personalized, friendly attention.

· Knowledgeable – artisans know their product inside and out.

· Caring- they genuinely care about their product and genuinely want you to be satisfied. Repeat business is extremely important to them!

· You are getting a unique product, not a “cookie-cutter” product, mass produced in a factory.

· Competitive prices- ok, we aren’t the discount store, but you are getting a much better product than any discount store. Remember: you get the quality you pay for!


Don’t have time or gas money to drive to your local show?

Stay home in your pjs and order online from this HUGE list of talented artisans.

Posted by: Delisa C. | September 20, 2008

Playing polymer clay

These earrings are an experiment with stamps and polymer clay. I do like how they come out.  You may have noticed that one bead is upside down. I did that on purpose. It is funky & fun, plus it is a stamp and I couldn’t made a mirror image.  I think they look cool anyways! lol.  I will be putting these up for sale on etsy.

Posted by: Delisa C. | September 11, 2008

Moving forward in art

I have been expanding my willingness to share more of the things I create. I enjoy working with a variety of mediums. So I decided a name chage was due. I will still be making jewelry along with other things. All of my craftiness will be being sold under my new studio name, Spiraling Elements Studio! It is a much better fit for me and my work. Don’t worry this jewelry in wire blog isn’t going anywhere! I will be closing at some point in the future. I have opened a new etsy shop  I’m working on creating a new line of jewelry to better reflect myself and my style. All the new jewelry will be up for sale at the new etsy shop.

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