Posted by: Delisa C. | November 11, 2008

New website, new jewelry, and stuff

As you know I have been working away on my jewelry website. It is coming along really nicely, I think.  You can see how things are going at I’m still working on adding a shopping cart. Until I get that done my jewelry will still be up for sale at I have been thinking about what biz name to use.  Should I go with just my name or Spiraling Elements Studio? I like having studio in the name. I do create more than just jewelry, but having everything under one umberella name may not be the right thing to do. HHHHHMMMMMMM.

I have been working on some new pieces of jewelry I will have the photo and everything posted when I get it all done.  I’m also going to be putting together some cool new steel wire pieces so keep your eyes out for those.

I just wanted to add in here that I think I’m in love. In love with Steampunk! I have always enjoyed it but lately I have become increasingly fastenated with it. I’m dying to get my hands on some supplies and make something steampunk-ish. I’m not really sure how it would come out with my wire work.  Isn’t it just torture when need to make some but don’t have the right stuff for the project? I’ll just have to try and be satified working on other things for now!



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