Posted by: Delisa C. | February 10, 2007

New loose stones for my jewerly.

I got the new stones I ordered. With these and the cameos, I will be busy for a week or two making new pieces. I plan on putting the new finished pieces up for sale at These stones are so beautiful!

Starting at the top we have: Rainbow Moonstone, Opal doublett, Star Ruby, Labradorite, 2 Rainbow Moonstones, and Amethyst.


I love these. They are so much better in real life. I can’t wait to work on them. Of course if you see one that you just love, let me know. You can buy a loose stone and then have it turned into jewelry.



  1. […] up for sale at … You can buy a loose stone and then have it turned into jewelry. Categories: … Offers Loose Diamonds for Sale. – JQ07/2005 “ Offers loose Diamonds […]

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  3. nice! i’m gonna make my own journal

  4. eizapjf

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