Posted by: Delisa C. | July 10, 2007

Would someone please buy my jewelry! lol.

I’m in a total slump. lol. I need all of my jewelry to sell. I’m raising money for some classes and to take my hubby on vacation. After I get it all sold, I’m not sure if I want to make more. I have no desire or passion for it. Some where there is something that I’m passionate about. I just have to find it. I know how to make jewelry and I think I do a great job at it. But I seem to be the only one. My style doesn’t seem to really appeal to anyone. I’m not sure that the style of it really appeals to me. lol. I know it is not good to be talking like this on a blog that is supposed to be helping me sell. I know blog hits are not turning into sells. I’m burned out and turned off. How can I convince someone to buy something that I’m not even sure I like. Sure, its pretty, unique, and hand made. But do you really care about that? I think most people are interested in buying whatever they saw some movie star wearing.  Oh Well.



  1. I am so sad you feel like that! I felt like that too many times… it takes so much work to build a home based jewelry business. You work and work and nothing comes back for a very long time!

    Maybe it’s time to reconsider it all, explore other artistic expressions or change completely the way you see and make your jewelry – and what about writing a good business plan?

    You say your jewelry doesn’t appeal to you – then why not dreaming first your “dream jewel” and sketching all your ideas for a while before making anything? Are you maybe restricting yourself in materials, shape, colour…?

    Be patient and believe in yourself! Work as hard as you can and you will see results. Try to analize your work and efforts objectively and do not let self-pity answer the questions!

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  3. I do not have a web site. Jewelery is not selling at all. There is so much jewelery stuff out there. I tried it myself. I like to make them. The economy I think has a lot to do with selling. People are too worry to buy frilly things. Some people rather not pay you for your work. I ran into that. I hate to give up on jewelery making. Yes, I believe a person should first draw the design and not waste materials to make unwanted jewelery. I feel like giving up myself at times. Just try another way of selling maybe locally in your town or nearest town or jewelry party. Sue

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