Posted by: Delisa C. | March 12, 2007

Why I’m selling my jewelry

I have been thinking a lot about goals. I think setting goals is important. I know that I have things that I want to happen with this jewelry business. I want to earn a good income from my jewelry. We are currently a one income family. That is hard these days. I stay home with my kids and homeschool them. My husband works hard and earn a great wage for where we live. But we still are unable to reach our goals. We live from pay check to pay check. One of my goals for this year was to be able to go on a family vacation. We have never had one. My husband doesn’t get paid vacations from works. My husband hasn’t had a vacation in over 11 years! Some how this year I’m taking him on vacation and my jewelry is going to pay for it.



  1. I’m trying to sell some of my jewelry as well, on Etsy, but for me it’s a hobby. I have a day job, and I just make jewelry and other crafts for entertainment. Good luck to you.

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