Posted by: Delisa C. | March 8, 2007

Photo progress.

I think I’m making progress with my photos. I bought a light bulb that puts off a bluer light insted of a yellowish cast most bulbs have. I also discovered that my photo editing software has a white balance. The pics still aren’t perfect but I think they will work.


This is a Opal doublet wrapped in gold filled wire. I didn’t use the white balance, I just brightened it.


This is an Amethyst wrapped in gold filled wire. I did use the white balance. I think the white balance has taken the color out of the gold. It looks faded. I’m not sure that I like it or that it really shows how nice the gold really looks. The white balance did not have this effect on any of the silver pieces. I’m getting closer to good pics.



  1. Your pictures look good! On my screen the amethyst looks like a big beautiful garnet – but I don’t think the gold looks faded. You might want to try a plain white background and see if that gets the results you want. Beautiful wire work!

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