Posted by: Delisa C. | February 22, 2007

Thinking on future plans

I have been thinking of ways to make more money with my jewelry. I have been thinking about do home parties or home classes. Not in my home though, I live in the middle of nowhere. For a home party, I could take all my finished jewelry to someone’s house and set up a table (like at a craft show) and then let the guests try stuff on, ask questions, ect. They would be able to buy or place orders. At a home class, guests would have to pay a fee for the class. Then I would show them how to make a bracelet or whatever. I thought the class idea would be great for bridal showers. The bridal party could have color coordinated jewelry, but still have their individual style. The bride could earn a discount her her custom made jewelry. They could also pick the beads they like and then have me put it all together for them. The problem with these grand ideas is having the money to get them going. If I’m teaching a class I have to have tools and supplies for everyone. The home party would be easier. I would just have to have enough finished pieces to show off. I still need to plan and build my table display. I have been collecting ideas for it. Where to start? I don’t have the funds to buy a ton of tools or supplies. I’m on the very slow long road to success. At least I’m sure its the road to success. lol.:)


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