Posted by: Delisa C. | January 30, 2007

How I learned to make wire jewelry

Once upon a time, about 5 years ago, there lived a stay at home mom. She was happy that she was at home with her family but she was also very sad that she could no longer help bring money into the home. One day while searching through pages and pages of money making scams on the net she found One look at the beautiful jewelry and she was hooked. She took some money that she had saved up and bought the Small Business Package. When it came in the mail it was just like Christmas. She watched the videos straight away. The technique was so simple and easy to learn. In no time at all she was making wire wrapped jewelry and loving every minute of it. When she could she bought more wire and stones. She started selling her creations on ebay after family and friends raved about it. Then came the craft shows. She wasn’t sad any more and she never looked back.
This is my story. I’m so glad that I found Preston Reuther’s website. It has changed my life and the way my family lives. The cameo in the picture is one of the first ones I did after learning to wire wrap from Preston’s DVDs. I love this cameo and I still own it. It is the only one I have as all the others have sold. I’m not famous or rich but I’m successful!



  1. Making jewelry is addictive. I started and couldn’t stop …after a while I began referring to it as ‘jewelry smack’ because I couldn’t stop making it. Now, I sell it … so I can buy more stuff … so I can make more stuff … so I can sell more stuff and making money to buy more stuff … so I can make more stuff …. yeah, you get the picture. LOL And I get something out of it that I just can’t explain. It’s also very theraputic.

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